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Ordering Filipino Food delivery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Makati city is one of the best places in the world to get delicious, authentic Filipino food. Filipino cuisine is characterised by plenty of delicious meats, including whole roasted pig, juicy sausages and adobo style chicken braised with a delectable mix of garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Plenty of dishes that you will find at Filipino restaurants are a delightful mix of fruit and meat, such as puchero which features beef in a tomato sauce along with bananas. Come and try the excitement of Filipino food today: order online and get some top offerings from Filipino restaurants delivered to your door.

A few tasty Filipino restaurants for you to try in Makati city

We have put together a fantastic range of Filipino food delivery options for you to order online from in Makati city. To get your mouth watering, here are three Filipino restaurants that you might like to try from our list:

  • Kabisera: Kabisera is totally focused on Filipino food delivery. Here you will find classics such as street food baskets and (of course) Kare Kare (i.e. ox tails cooked in peanut sauce).
  • Bakahan at Manukan: Steaks, deep fried pork, seafood and beef galore all await you when you order online at this tasty eatery.
  • Island Grill: There are lots of fantastic BBQ dishes at this Filipino food delivery service, but while it is also famous for its soups and desserts, it is perfect for a nice lunch as well.

Don't forget dessert when you order online from one of our Filipino restaurants

When you order a main course from one of our tempting menus, we definitely advise also leaving room for a sumptuous desserts. Classic Filipino sweet treats include steamed cassava cake, coconut macaroons, banana cakes and caramel flavoured leche flans. Among other popular treats there are banana lumpia and colourful steamed rice cake dish known as puto. In short, there is something for everybody.

The most efficient Filipino food delivery service in town

We make grabbing a Filipino meal as quick and as simple as it can possibly be. Order online in a matter of a few moments (you can do so in less than a minute if you're in a rush) and then you won’t have to wait long for our driver to arrive with your meal.

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