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A Davao City food delivery with foodpanda

Davao is a vibrant city with Mount Apo a majestic presence on the horizon and tropical beaches on the doorstep. To many, it is also the culinary capital of the southern Philippines and home to many restaurants serving fine food from freshly grilled fish to hearty pork dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, fruit desserts made from locally grown bananas and durians are popular. Whether you're a foodie wishing to sample the local cuisine or a busy person on the move, food delivery in Davao City is always easy with foodpanda.

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The best restaurants in Davao City

Freshly grilled squid, whole chickens or local diced pork belly dishes are specialities of the Original Conching's Native Chicken barbecue restaurant. This casual eaterie delivers food that is perfect for enjoying with a chilled drink on your terrace. For food with a bit more bite, stewed carabao or water buffalo cooked with ginger and chilli is a late-night favourite from Bulca Chong. If your tastes run to something a little more international then the Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant serves spicy Vietnamese food while Tiny Kitchen takes you on a tour through European flavours which are mixed with local twists.

Popular dishes in Davao City

A popular tuna dish on many menus in Davao City is Pakfry. Fresh tuna is cooked with vinegar and spices and then deep fried. Kalderetang adobo is beef stew with a Davao twist while crocodile and buffalo meat dishes are popular choices across the city. One of the most famous dessert fruits in Davao City is probably the durian, renowned for its awful smell. Getting past the smell, however, and eating a durian is well worth it for its delicious flavour. If a raw durian is a little too extreme, many restaurants have durian cheesecake on their dessert menu.