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Indian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world. Complex flavours and recipes in rich sauces and delicious sophisticated food dishes suitable for high level entertaining are all on the menu. Indian food is also famous for wonderful vegetarian options, and there are great fish dishes from the south. Indians also make wonderful flatbreads like chapati and Naan breads, which are great for fast food options.

Indian food delivery to order online for all occasions and tastes

With a menu that also has reputation for being spicy, it's good to remember that Indian cuisine has mild but flavourful food on the menu as well. A range of smaller appetisers and sundries are there to order online, which is just wonderful for party food or gatherings. Also, because Indian food is so popular, wherever you are in Makati, there's bound to be a local Indian restaurant, but for a few special ideas, read on:

  • ✓ At the Famous Indian Curry House there's a great 'Butter Chicken' on the menu, with cream, cheese and coriander for those who like milder Indian flavours.
  • ✓ At the Om Indian Kitchen they have lovely Samosas in meat and veggie options, great for a lunch time snack or get a selection for a small gathering of friends perhaps.
  • ✓ At Mantra Bistro, you can indulge your love of Indian sweets like 'Gulab Jamun, or Kaju Katli', made with local cashew nuts.

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The great thing about Indian food delivery in Philippines is that choice is so wide! Simply laid out, it's food for the taste buds! Also, whether you want Indian sweets as a last minute idea on a Sunday evening or want to plan for a celebration dinner, foodpanda is able to help and deliver to most areas of Makati.

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Foodpanda also has a powerful app, so even if you're not at home, you can order online when hunger strikes! Then with a fast, simple system, food with be with you in around an hour. A great idea for busy days in the office.

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