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Quezon City is the largest and most densely populated in the entire Metro Manila area. The name Quezon City came from the former president of the Philippines – Manuel L.Quezon who was the founder of the city. Due to the city’s history and heritage as a former capital it contains many municipalities and prestigious universities. There is a wide variety of restaurants and Cafés in the city, which, you can find on foodpanda and order food delivery in Quezon City. Make sure to check out cakes in Quezon City, vegetarian restaurants and many other types of cuisines offered online.

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If you are hungry and want to treat yourself, your family, or friends with a delicious meal you can try out one of the Japanese restaurants in Quezon City available on our website and free mobile application for iOS and Android. You can choose from a variety of 95+ restaurants on foodpanda in Quezon City. Some of the restaurants you can find on our website include restaurants such as Shi Lin which offers a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, seafood, vegetarian dishes and more. Moreover, you can find restaurants such as Moonshine Bar which specializes in Filipino food and many other restaurants offering cuisines such as Asian, Burgers, Fusion, Healthy food, Pasta, Pizza and more.

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If you like sandwiches you can order from over 20 restaurants in Quezon City, including Taters which offers a wide variety of delicious sandwiches such as Grilled Cheese, Peanut Butter Banana, Veggie Delight, HBLT, County Tuna and others. If you are a Pizza lover try out a pizza delivery Quezon City on foodpanda and enjoy some of the best pizzas in town. You can choose from a selection of 14+ restaurants including RACKS and many other popular restaurants. Whether it is hunger or craving for good food, any excuse is a good excuse to order food online and enjoy delicious food.