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Marikina is one of the central cities comprising Metro Manila. The city is mostly prominent for its shoe manufacturing which amounts to about 70% of the entire domestic shoe production. In addition to Marikina being the home of shoe production, you can also find one of the most prominent shoe collections in the Shoe Museum which holds the largest collection of, celebrity, pairs of shoes worldwide. As such a well-known, large, city in the Philippines, with a population of almost half a million inhabitants, Marikina offers you a variety of online food delivery options. Foodpanda.ph is your address for any food related inquiries where you can easily order meals online, check out Kettle.

Enjoy Chinese food in Marikina

You can enjoy a variety of restaurants offering Filipino dishes in Marikina with foodpanda.ph. As Filipino food is one of the most beloved types of cuisines in the Philippines it is guaranteed that you will find a restaurant which serves your favorite food. Don’t miss out on some of the best restaurants in the country, namely Max Corner's Bakery,RACKS and others where you can find dishes such as Pork Sisig, Sizzling Pusit, Pancit Molo, Aligue Rice, Binagoongan Rice, Kare-Kare, Mixed Seafoods, Pork BBQ Rice Meal, Chicken Inasal Rice Meal and of course your all-time favorite desserts including Leche Flan, Banana Split, Saba con Hielo and many more super delicious dishes. Thus, go to foodpanda right now and order Filipino food online.

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One of the best types of food out there is burgers. They are considered to be food for the soul, appropriate for any kind of meal and situation. Also, you can find many different types of burgers such as Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian and various other variations. If you really feel like having a burger right now, the foodpanda.ph website as well as the foodpanda mobile app are here for you with restaurants such as Zark's Burgers who offer some of the best burgers Philippines wide and worldwide. In addition to the Zark's Burgers menu you can also find the menus of other prominent restaurants, on foodpanda, such as Wendy’s and many other of your favorite food brands.