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Shawarma is an Arabic dish based on meat which can be prepared with many different kinds of meat such as lamb, chicken, veal and other types of meat. Shawarma is unique in its manner of preparation which takes up to a whole day. The meat is being prepared on a very large vertical skewer which is attached to a gas flame. Shawarma is traditionally being eaten in a pita bread which is a large piece of leavened, flat, wheat bread. There are several dressings that can be eaten with shawarma those include hummus, tahini, amba and many more variations depending on the country it is being eaten in. try it now and order food for delivery from the best restaurants in Makati and country wide, for example don’t miss out on The Kebab Factory .

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foodpanda is a great option for those days you don’t feel like cooking or going out for a meal. You can order fast food like shawarma, or any other kind of food straight to your doorstep in a few quick clicks. All you have to do is go to our website or free mobile application for iPhone and android indicate your location, choose a type of cuisine; then, choose the restaurant you would like to order from and pick the dishes you feel like eating. Shortly after, the food will arrive to you and you will be able to choose whether you want to pay online with a card or cash on delivery. A delivery service has never been so simple and fun to use. Go to foodpanda and order food deliveries in Quezon City or any other city in the Philippines.

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Is it lunch time already? What is a better meal than a large, juicy and tasteful shawarma? Check out our new, user friendly, easy to use and super trendy the foodpanda mobile application for iPhone and android, available now on the Apple store and Google play for your convenience. Order your favorite shawarma food delivery and indulge it in the office, at home or in the park. It is the perfect meal to have with a nice chilled lemonade or ice tea which you can find right here on the foodpanda website in addition to many other types of cuisines and a selection of more than 300 restaurants over the country in the 17 cities we currently, operate in.

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