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Malaysian food is known for being spicy and relies heavily on chilies. There is an extremely wide variety of chilies used in the Malaysian kitchen, namely, the bird’s eye chili, green chili and others. It is common to make a paste put of chilies which is then used as sauce or topping. Another key ingredient in the Malaysian cuisine is shrimp paste called Belacan, in addition to coconut which is used in its different variations such as coconut water, coconut milk and more. Moreover, soy sauce is very prominent in Malaysian culture of cooking which always adds a great touch to every dish. If you are craving some authentic Malaysian food after having read the last few lines go to the foodpanda app and order a Malaysian food delivery from home, work or on the go.

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Malaysian cuisine is highly reliant on rice, as such, it actually reached a rather high productivity level where it creates 70% of the rice used in the country. This is a great strategy to use own natural resources and of course ensures the quality of the product. Thus, if you would like to try out some of this great rice used in Malaysian food dishes go to our website foodpanda.ph or free mobile application for iPhone and android available for download on the app store and google play and enjoy the best food delivery in the Philippines.

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Online food delivery is one of the most fun experiences introduced to us by the technological advancement of the 21st century so why not to enjoy it? Check out any one of the amazing Malaysian restaurants on foodpanda.ph and in a few simple steps and order your meal of choice! All you have to do is enter your location, choose a cuisine, restaurant and select the dishes of your choice. Then shortly wait for the delivery and enjoy your tasty food! Also you get to choose your preferred method of payment – online or cash on delivery. Try out Tender Bob’s restaurant in Makati or any other of the restaurants we offer on our site.

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