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Korean cuisine is a very prominent Asian cuisine which usually consists of rice with various garnishes such as vegetables and different types of meat. In addition, one of the key Korean dishes is Kimchi which is served with practically every meal. The Korean culture is a very traditional and rich one and thus has a unique dining etiquette. As part of this etiquette, it is common to eat at a certain pace, not too fast neither too slow, avoid inappropriate table conversations, prevent your chopsticks from making noise when being put on the table. In addition, the position of the food on the table is very important in the Korean culture, the order of dishes on the table should be organized in a certain manner; some pieces are to be on the left of the person dining and some on the right of the person. Check out the best Korean food in the Philippines on foodpanda

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If you would like to try out any of the amazing traditional Korean dishes you are at the right place! You can find Korean restaurants in your area on the foodpanda website and free mobile application for iPhone and android. Both the website and app are user friendly and very easy to use! Check out the foodpanda app and order food online on the go any time. foodpanda is the best food delivery in Manila and Philippines wide. Currently, foodpanda can be found in 17 cities across the country, namely in Makati , Manila , Pasig and other popular cities including Quezon City, Taguig, Mandaluyong and many more. Don’t miss out on this unique experience, order a food delivery and enjoy your meal of choice right now!

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Try out Rio Japanese and Korean Restaurant in Parañaque and enjoy dishes such as Gyoza, Agedashi, Yasai Itame, Rio's Fried Chicken Wings, Kani Salad, Chicken Teriyaki, Katsudon, Miso, Tempura Udon, Beef Bento, Seafood Teppan and many more. Korean food is very diverse and fits many occasions, thus, use the foodpanda online ordering system and enjoy many delicious and authentic dishes. Korean is one of the best types of Asian food with very unique scents and flavors which completely differ from the well-known Chinese food , Japanese food , Thai food and other sorts of Asian cuisine. If you are searching for a Korean food in the Philippines we got your back! Go to foodpanda make a delivery and choose the payment method – online or cash on delivery!

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