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The Japanese cuisine is a very old and traditional cuisine. It mainly consists of rice that is being prepared and served with a number of  variations such as fish, meat and vegetables. One of the most popular Japanese dishes around the globe is sushi. Sushi is combined of exactly those center piece ingredients used in the Japanese cuisine, namely, rice, fish and vegetables. In the past decade sushi has swiped the world off its feet, due to its being very healthy, nutritious and delicious food that fits any occasion and every meal of the day. If you are craving sushi right now, you are at the right place! The best Japanese restaurant in Manila can be found right here on foodpanda and on the foodpanda app as well. All you have to do is become hungry and enjoy the best food delivery in the country right here on foodpanda.

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foodpanda offers you a diversity of Japanese restaurants who offer great Japanese foods to choose from, some of the restaurants that can be found on our site include JapPinoy in Mandaluyong, Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant and Izakaya in Las Pinas, Oyster Boy – Cubao in Quezon City and many more. You can find many delicious dishes on the menus of these restaurants, namely, soups such as Tamago soup, Miso soup, Tonjiru soup; salads, such as Kani Salad, Negi Tuna Salad and Yasai Goma Salad; hot and cold Ramen & Noodles dishes; rice dishes with a variety of toppings, and of course a wide assortment of sushi. Thus, go to foodpanda and order food online.

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Japanese food is very light and fits whether it is warm or cold outside. Additionally, it is very simple and definitely fits the saying – less is more, which is also the reason it is a great fit for lunch, dinner or a healthy snack. It is considered to be a very suitable cuisine when hosting dinner parties, birthday parties or simply when you want to enjoy a nice, chilled afternoon on your balcony. Japanese food is not heavy and thus, can be eaten also late in the evening without leaving you with that horrible feeling of being full that won’t let you sleep for hours. All in all, Japanese is a cuisine you can't miss out on, don’t waste any time and order a local food delivery right here, on foodpanda and on our free mobile app for iPhone and android.

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