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Honestly, who doesn’t like cakes and pastries? This is probably one of the most widely consumed types of food – backed desserts. Cakes and pastries are considered as food for the soul due to their high level of sugar and carbs which make us feel better any day of the week. If you would like to try out the best cakes in Manila all you have to do is check out foodpanda.ph or the foodpanda mobile app and choose from 40+ restaurants and shops offering cakes and pastries delivery. If you are craving something sweet try out the wide selection of baked goods from Mrs. Fields – Treston BGC coffee shop in Taguig.

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There is a wide variety of cakes such as layer cakes, cheesecakes, cream-cakes, etc. Usually, cakes are made of a few basic ingredients including flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil and in many cases also milk. In addition to these basics, cakes can include or be topped with practically anything, fruits, whipped-cream, chocolate, marzipan, nuts and many more alternatives. Cakes can also take many forms and shapes, such as rolls, circles, rectangles and others. Check out cakes in Quezon City on foodpanda or via the foodpanda mobile app and discover a huge variety of delightful baked desserts. One of the best types of backed desserts are cupcakes, thus, make sure to try out the Belgian Rose Cupcake, the Red Velvet Cupcake, the Milky Vanilla Cupcake, the Lemon Cranberry Bar Cupcake, the Carrot Pecan Bar Cupcake and others from the Orange Whisk Café in Parañaque.

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Some of the best desserts are pastries, those can take a wide variety of shapes, types and flavors. Every nation and culture indulges different types of pastries. Some of the favorite pastries in the Philippines include Leche Flan, Tablea Cake and other delightful sweets which you can find on the menu of Tsoko Nut Batirol – SM in Makati and many other coffee shops and restaurants on foodpanda. Therefore, go to foodpanda and get an online delivery right now and indulge amazing cakes and pastries in the comfort of your home, in the office, on a sunny afternoon in the park or any other place you are at.

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