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Ordering Thai Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Fragrant, exciting, aromatic Thai food is known world wide for it's wonderful colours, tastes and sensations. No cuisine, apart from perhaps French, serves the food in such pretty ways as the Thai people serve their own food either. This makes Thai food a great choice for entertaining. They also have many starters, and appetiser dishes which are great for office launches of parties.

Order online for elegant Thai dining and every day menu choices

Thai food is also low fat, and incredibly healthy and good for you, as it uses lots of fish, coconut, spices and herbs, all of which keep you in shape. This makes it good for an everyday choice too, and Thai food delivery with foodpanda in Makati is ideal for a Thai salad or soup mid week. So, check out a few order online suggestions below to make the most of Thai food in Makati:

  • ✓ At, Lobbee - Thai Connection, there's a wide selection of 'street snacks' on the menu to order online, which work well for any event, or for a group of friends watching films too!
  • ✓ At, Soi55 Thai Kitchen & Bar, try a, 'Glass noodle spicy salad' and some Tom Yum soup for a mid week evening meal, healthy and tasty.
  • ✓ And for classic Thai food which is great for entertaining try, Baan 26 Thai Seafood Restaurant & Bar, which also has wonderful seafood dishes like, 'Thai green curry with Prawns.'

Thai green curry and more, discover delicious Thai food

The great thing about foodpanda is the flexibility. You fancy a last minute Thai green curry on a Wednesday night, it's with you in an hour with foodpanda. Or, perhaps you're planning an elegant, luxurious celebration meal? Well, order in advance and take all the stress out. With foodpanda Thai food delivery in Makati, you're always one step ahead, and can spend your time enjoying your evening.

Thai food delivery in Makati with foodpanda

As Thai food is so popular, there's lots of choice wherever you are in the city. There's mid range places, high end dining experiences, and homely cafes that all do Thai food, and with foodpanda's swift delivery you'll never be disappointed.

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