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Ordering Sandwiches delivery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food and they are also so versatile. Sandwiches delivery can be anything from a tasty snack to a quick and simple lunch, from a complex gourmet dish to something light and fresh that is perfect for brunch. Explore our menu options to order in Makati and you will see that we can provide you with all kinds of sandwich dishes that will delight your palate. Perhaps, you enjoy classic combos such as egg mayo, spicy marinated chicken or ham and mustard, or maybe you want to explore new and exciting flavours, we have got just the menu for you.

Which Makati menu will you order online from next?

There is something tasty for you to order online from sandwiches delivery service, no matter what your tastes are. Here are just three of the super tasty restaurant menu options for you to enjoy when you order online with us:

  • Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken: along with its salads and paellas, this restaurant's menu is renowned for smashed burgers which are bursting at the seams with relish, cheese and spicy meats.
  • Plaza Cafe: if you like your sarnies piping hot, then this is a fabulous spot to order online from. Turkey, smoked salmon, beef and mushroom are just a few of the items on this varied menu.
  • Mooshi Green Bar: if it's veggie sandwiches that you crave, this is the perfect place to order from. Fresh veggies and salads, tasty pesto and a choice of ciabatta or tortilla bread all await you, ready to be washed down with a vitamin packed smoothie.

Hungry? Grab a sandwiches delivery in Makati today!

Sandwiches can be whatever you want them to be: hot or cold, snack sized or triple decker plates of joy. Choose meaty, veggie, fish or vegan fillings. Opt for a burger bun, a New York style bagel, a baguette or perhaps a whole wheat wrap: whatever takes your fancy. Use your imagination with your upcoming Makati sandwiches delivery and you're sure to be satisfied.

We make it super easy to order online in Makati

The team at foodpanda are committed to making your online ordering experience super quick and easy. Place an order on your computer or via smartphone in a few moments, then just sit back and relax as a driver whisks your meal straight to your door.

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