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Influenced by international cuisines from Asia, America and Europe, Filipino food offers a rich blend of sweet and savoury tastes with something to suit every type of palate. With rice, soy sauce, meats and fruits such as pineapples and bananas among the staple foods in the Philippines, there are hundreds of classic and original dishes to choose from where this nation’s cuisine is concerned. Don't worry about how many people you are catering for and for whatever occasion, just order online here with foodpanda to enjoy a delivery to wherever you are.

Flavoursome Filipino food delivery available from restaurants near you

With meat, fish and vegetables all readily available on the menu in Filipino restaurants, there is always plenty of choice for your lunch or dinner. Why not sample a raw fish salad, seasoned young pork with garlic rice or a mixed-meat noodles dish with soup? Then there are spring rolls, sweet and sour combinations or peanut flavoured sauces cooked with meats and vegetables. The list is endless where food from the Philippines is concerned and with foodpanda in Quezon city you can find just what you are looking for in your perfect meal.

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With numerous food outlets all around the city, you are always near to several Filipino restaurants at a time in Quezon. A foodpanda favourite in the town is Ciano, delivering both weekdays and weekends, and True Deli Cafe, also available for delivery every day. How about trying your hand at a popular Poqui Poqui eggplant dish from Ciano, or a favourite Patola Miswa from True Deli Cafe? Whichever item you feel like, foodpanda can offer you discounts to enjoy your meal at the best possible price.

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Ordering your breakfast, lunch or dinner online via the foodpanda website could not be easier. Simply make your selection of restaurant and items on the menu, before filling in personal details and delivery details. In no time at all your Filipino food delivery will be underway, paid for and knocking at your door! All that remains is to sit down and tuck in! Don’t forget to look out for and claim special offers from foodpanda to ensure you get the best value on your meal.

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