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The Philippines are spread far and wide over the Pacific ocean and have a very varied culture based around people who've always travelled and used the sea a lot. Friendly, easy going food is the result, which has lots of regional styles and interesting flavours. There's also lots of chicken and pork and eggs, but not so much beef as traditionally this is a part of the world that doesn't support large herds of cattle! However in recent times due to imports and exports from all over the globe, this has changed.

Top Filipino dishes available for delivery from restaurants in Pasay

Now, with so many travellers and different people arriving all the time, the cuisine is wide and easy going. You can have whatever you want, your way! There's also a very strong liking for egg and chicken dishes here too, and of course, lovely seafood. However, wherever you live there's bound to be a great local restaurant you like, and some really interesting modern Filipino restaurants too:

  • At, Sassas Chicharronia, there's lots of Filipino dishes fit for a great family get together.
  • At traditional restaurant, Pancit Center - Pioneer, you'll find lots of favourites, try the 'Bison Quisado,' which is rice noodles with pork, liver and vegetables.
  • At, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon, there's great chicken of course, but also some wonderful squid dishes, try, 'Crispy baby Squid', it's a tasty light appetiser great before a big main meal.

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The great thing about our platform is that we deliver to a very wide area, so wherever you live, you're only ever an hour a way at most for a meal! You can order using your lap top, but why not download the foodpanda app to your phone? Easy, powerful and clearly laid out, you can browse all your favourite restaurants. Order from your office too, or if you're on you way home after a busy day, order while travelling and a great meal will greet you as you get home and really give you a lift!

A wonderful thing about Filipino food, it's friendly, homely and always makes you feel good. This makes it good for families, or chilly evenings when you're tired, or when you're just plain hungry for good hearty food!

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