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Ordering Desserts from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Makati is a brilliant city for ordering dessert. Whether you want an afternoon tea delivery featuring a range of different cakes or an extra special creation for a friend's birthday, Makati's restaurants will not disappoint. Grab a green tea mochi from a Japanese restaurant for a sweet snack in the middle of a day, or treat yourself to a hot chocolate fudge brownie after your evening meal.

Discover all of the best places to order dessert online in Makati

We are so excited about the range of restaurants serving up sweet puddings, pies, cakes and cookies we have found for you in this city. If you are pondering where best to get your next afternoon tea delivery from, why not try one of the great eateries on this list:

  • Ice Castle Express: this restaurant puts fun into fast food by complementing its burger menu with extravagant sundaes and sweet, cold shakes.
  • Vienna Kaffeehaus: Vienna is renowned throughout the world for its delectable cakes and pastries, and this is a superb place to grab a soda, coffee and dessert.
  • Max's Corner Bakery: a gorgeous option for an afternoon tea delivery, this spot's classic Filipino menu offers colourful cake rolls, yummy pastries and individual cake slices. Order in a few different desserts, brew some tea or coffee and invite your friends round for the perfect afternoon tea delivery treat.

Sweeten up your life and order dessert online

There are desserts for every occasion here in Makati. Choose some creamy, cold gelato for a hot day or a comforting brownie with chocolate sauce at the end of a hard week. An afternoon tea delivery is perfect for entertaining friends, and you can also order dessert online and have them arrive at the office as a cheeky snack to share with your colleagues and help you all to power through a long meeting.

It's so easy to order dessert online with foodpanda

At foodpanda, our mission is to make your food ordering experience quick and simple. Order in moments and then rest, assured that you will not have to wait long for your dessert: our amazing drivers will always aim to get it to you in a shortest time. Those are just a few of the lovely places to order dessert online that we have found for you, though. There are loads more fabulous Makati dessert restaurants to discover online at foodpanda!

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