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Fabulous, flexible, fast Chinese food. Family friendly yet also grand enough for the best business lunch or celebration, Chinese food is one of the best cuisines! It also has many cooking methods and styles which make it good for all tastes. Noodles for an easy lunch, or Dim Sum for an early fun meal before going out. Or, grand dishes of whole fish or duck for special occasions, Chinese food is great for many reasons. It's also the original fast food, and has always worked very well for home delivery. So see below for what's good on the menu lists of Manila's best Chinese restaurants.

A wide range of Chinese food delivery options in Manila

There's such a big range of Chinese food on offer in the city, that it ranges from budget lunch food to upmarket dinner party food, that checking out what's best online is a always a good idea! There's also a range of modern Chinese restaurants as well as traditional which are great for old friends and casual dining:

  • For a modern Saturday date night in, try, 'Drunken Chicken, followed by Deep fried Prawns with Mango Mayonnaise', from Li Li - AG NEW WORLD, at the Manila Bay Hotel.
  • Meanwhile at 101 Hawker Food house, try 'Yang Chow Fried Rice and Vegan Nate Noodle Soup', for a delicious healthy lunch.
  • Or for great Dim Sum for a film night in, try the great selection at Mr Choi Kitchen.

Easy to order online for anywhere in the city

Chinese can be a simple plate of noodles or rice with vegetables and meat or fish, or even tofu or nuts if you're vegan. This makes it super flexible, and with such interesting but light flavours, children tend to love Chinese food too. So what better way to treat the family, when everyone's tired on a Friday night, than with a friendly, bonding, Chinese meal, perhaps from reliable and good restaurant chain Chowking.

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