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Ordering Cakes delivery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Wonderful cakes and confectionary. Desserts, ice cream and more. The choice is wide in Makati, and there are cakes from all over the world. Gateaux inspired by French patisserie, cupcakes from America and birthday cakes inspired by European style baking. Whatever you fancy, whatever the occasion, there's a great restaurant to not just order birthday cake online, but all sorts of other cakes too. So read on for some mouth watering choices that are just great for any occasions or celebration, or even just a little midweek treat!

A world wide choice of lovely cakes for delivery in Makati

There's something so indulgent about desserts and cakes that many people actually enjoy them after a long, tiring day or to give them a little lift when tired or a bit down. Places that serve these little treats are just as popular as the places from which you can order birthday cake online or a centerpiece dessert cake for a special occasion. So read on for some of the best:

  • ✓ Try a carrot cake slice with your lunch from Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, and you'll find your afternoon goes with a swing!
  • ✓ Try the, "Bailey's whole 9" cake,' which is soaked in Bailey's liquor for a birthday treat, available from, Chocolat Cakes
  • ✓ At the Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Cafe get the "Strawberry Shortcake" on delivery to your front door, it's a delight for any party piece.

Order birthday cake online and much more for delivery in Makati

The wonderful thing about foopdanda is that it takes out the stress of racing around. No more trying to balance the cake next to you in the car, just a slick, chilled to perfection cake delivered to your door. This is because at foodpanda we have the highest standards, which means your delicate cakes and confectionary will all arrive in perfect shape.

Foodpanda for delivery for all kinds of cakes and occasions

So go ahead, order that birthday cake online, but also consider ordering all your celebration cakes online. Christmas, anniversary, Easter, graduation, it's simply a great way to ensure you get the best cake in perfect condition for your event.

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