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Ordering Cakes & Bakery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

It's hard to beat a cake for a treat. These sweet things are instant mood changers and emotional enliveners! Passed your driving test? Your Mum buys you a cake! Land your best scores at college and it often results in a celebration chocolate fudge cake! Or want to say thank you, pretty cup cakes work so well. Or perhaps you just want to say thank you to your colleagues for hard work with a round of Danish pastries! Or heart shaped biscuits are so romantic. Whatever your reason for eating cakes and bakery goods, the city has a very wide and wonderful selection, most available to order online.

Cupcakes and Cheesecake, the choice is yours in Cebu!

With so much to choose from, it's great that there's so much to choose from on foodpanda. Browse and choose, and whatever reason you want to eat cake, you will find something just right. Meanwhile, look below for ideas you've perhaps not thought of for a while:

  • At MoFu Cakes and Bakery, there's a delicious range of bite size cakes and brownies which would be great ordered in for an afternoon launch in the office. Try the 'Mofu Licks' for melting chocolate and sweetness.
  • At Butterbean Cafe, there's a great selection of biscuits and cookies to order, so why not get a whole load delivered for a Saturday night in with your girlfriends?
  • Mango Shortcake is a wonderful idea for afternoon tea between friends, more substantial than a gateaux but just as sweet!

Special occasions, your morning muffin, and doughnuts for everyone

Nothing is nicer than doughnuts with a strong coffee for a morning lift, or perhaps chocolate Muffins and tea would be a good way to entertain your friends when they come round for a chat. Impulsive, wonderful cup cakes are also great for when you want to say thank you. Well, they're all available on foodpanda pages, and if you download the app, it's even quicker to order sweet treats for just when you want them.

Carefully packaged cakes & bakery delivery for all areas

The other thing to remember about foopdanda is that all chilled items and delicate cakes are packaged expertly and will arrive chilled and perfect to your door. So, when it comes to birthdays you can really rely on us!

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