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Ordering Beverages delivery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

It is so important to have the right drinks to accompany your meal, whether it's a bubble tea or coffee express delivery to enjoy with a cake, or a glass of fine wine to complement a classic Italian dish. Of course, drinks delivery is also great when it is savoured by itself in its own right. Order some milky Taro tea from Chatime and enjoy a moment of peace in the afternoon, grab a coffee express delivery to keep you alert throughout your morning shift at work or get the party started with a few beers that you have ordered from one of Makati's famous cocktail spots.

Order in an incredible drinks delivery in Makati

No matter what type of drink it is that you are after, you will find a great restaurant to order online from in Makati. From Chatime to coffee express places, here are a few drinks delivery options for you to get started with:

  • Chatime: all flavours of bubble tea await you here, from the soothing and milky to the zingy and fruity.
  • Ice Castle Express: feeling nostalgic for classic fast food beverages? Here, you will find plenty of sweet and creamy shakes to order online, complementing the traditional menu of burgers and other fast food stalwarts.
  • Route Stop: this amazing Makati take out is dedicated solely to beverages. Whether you want a sparkling apple soda or a rum based mixer, an energy drink or a coffee express delivery in a can you can find it all at Route Stop. This amazing corner shop on the web also provides cigarettes, lighters and snacks such as nachos and cheese to order online.

A drinks delivery will make those parties so much easier

When you are catering for a big event and traipsing round the supermarkets seeking party food and beverages, drinks can be way too heavy to carry home. Even a few bottles of wine and a couple of six-packs of beer can seem too unwieldy! So why not get a drinks delivery where you can order all the beverages you like online without having to worry about how on earth you and your poor arm muscles are going to get them home.

Your next drinks delivery will be a breeze

Order online and the foodpanda team will ensure that your coffee express delivery or your bubble tea from Chatime arrives as quickly as can be.

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