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You can appreciate the Asian culture well through their popular cuisines. These great foods include rice which is the main dish prepared in varying styles and flavours. You can also sample out the meats available, either as beef or chicken. The pudding, salads, and fruits are great for decorating your meals. A variety of drinks are at your disposal, and you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. Gobble down a samosa to complement those delicious Asian beverages.

Top dishes for Asian food delivery

Taste the Fish Balls snacks with flavours of garlic, onions or sauce. Take Laksa, spicy noodle soup, alongside other dishes. Experience taste explosion with Hainanese Chicken Rice. It comprises of boiled plain chicken with white rice flavoured with condiments such as lettuce, eggs or cucumber. Ask for Spring Rolls! These are pastries fried and packaged with minced pork, vermicelli noodles, garlic chives, carrot, shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts. Add fish sauce, peanut powder or soy sauce to stimulate your appetite. Explore the Asian menu better when you order Dim Sum as a gift to a loved one. Dim Sum is a unique package with plenty of cuisines in small quantities packed separately. The basket may have dumplings, meatballs, rolls, tarts, paus, puddings, cakes and desserts.

Sample out the amazing Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng (fried rice), cooked with coconut sauce, and served with meat and veggies is a tasty cuisine common in the city. Try Tom Yum if you need an appetizer or soup before embarking on your main meal. The menu in Asia never lacks Chicken Curry featuring aromatic tastes of masala, saffron, coconut, and ginger. Sushi is another famous, prestigious delicacy that Asians cherish. Get adventurous and ask for Satay, the signature food for most Asians. Satay is roasted over an open fire and served on a stick. Other common snacks include Chapati and samosa, as well as vegetables and salads. Desi bites give you great constituents for a buffet. Order online for any cuisine via the foodpanda app.

You can go Asian with a number of delicious cuisines in Mandaluyong. Order online for Asian food delivery wherever you reside in the city. Check the trending dishes and choose the nearest restaurant for your diner. Healthy eating is our duty and foodpanda is your solution for Asian food delivery.

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