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Ordering Asian Food delivery from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

From noodles to steamed red bean buns, Asian cuisine has some of the most enticing and satisfying flavours in the world. A meal from a Chinese restaurant will always put a smile on everybody's face in the middle of a hard week, whilst an Asian food delivery from Zubuchon or another fabulous Makati city take out will help to make a special occasion extra special. Order online now and get ready to enjoy all the flavours of Asia, delivered to your door.

Time to try Makati's fantastic range of Asian food delivery services

Whether you are seeking a Chinese restaurant for some party snack food or a sit down feast from Zubuchon, you will find a plethora of eateries from where you can order online in this city. Wondering which restaurant to try out first? Here are just three of the mouth watering take outs that Makati city has to offer the hungry diner:

  • Lido Cocina Tsina: buttered chicken, mixed asado, hot and spicy beancurd soup... any need to go on? This Chinese restaurant has absorbed plenty of other Asian influences and is a wonderful place to get an Asian food delivery!
  • Azuthai: this scrumptious Thai food delivery eatery does some brilliant starters and curries as well as (following the trend of other restaurants like Zubuchon) has a great selection of veggie and vegan options.
  • Yoree: Korean and South-East Asian food is on the menu here. Prepare for an imaginatively varied range of Kimbap dishes, Bibimbap rolls (great to order online for lunch time) and an extensive BBQ selection.

Add dessert to your Asian food delivery order when you order online

From extravagant sundaes to sweet steamed buns, banana fritters, sticky mango rice, mochi and fortune cookies, you can get all of your favourite Asian desserts at the Thai, Korean or Chinese restaurant of your choice. Check out a pudding range at Zubuchon or one of Makati's other delightful Asian eateries next time you order online.

Get your Asian food in Makati in a flash

With foodpanda, you can rest assured that your order from Zubuchon or that hot new Chinese restaurant will arrive at your door as quickly as can be: freshly cooked, piping hot, and ready to devour.

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