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Manila has a wide range of foods available at any time. Filipinos love to try different foods and the city has a buzzing food scene with new restaurants and kiosks opening every day. Whether you are a local foodies, or you are visiting the city and want to try some of these food options, then foodpanda is a great way to try some of this wide range of food.

Tasty ribs and barbecue chicken wings at any time

American cuisine has a lot of options, including juicy burgers, generous sandwiches and American style barbecue with slow cooked meats and tasty marinades. Many people also love traditional American style fries with salt and ketchup. These foods are melt in the mouth tasty and help to make you feel like you are feasting at a barbecue wherever you are in the world. Manila has some popular restaurants that specialise in American food including Frankie's New York which are known for their famous Frankie's New York Buffalo wings.

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If our descriptions of tasty American food have got your mouth watering, never fear. It's very easy to get some American food delivery right now. Just log on to foodpanda and you can compare the menus of the local American food restaurants to see which one sounds the best. The foodpanda website is a breeze to navigate on any device including mobile devices, and you can get your food delivered to any location including your workplace, home or another house.

Compare the menu and save time

The foodpanda site also makes it easy to save time. You can check the menu of each of the restaurants to see if they make the food that you are craving and even check out reviews from other customers, as well as allowing you to keep your budget for the meal. Then you can get the exact food that you want without needing to battle the busy traffic. It's a great way to save time if you are a busy worker and is also an easy way to serve a delicious dinner to your family. The food is delivered quickly and efficiently, so you will be eating your hot and tasty food quickly.

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