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America is a mixed country, full of different cultural influences, with a great cuisine that travels well and is popular over the world. With Italian dishes like Pizza and pasta adapted to American taste and German ideas like hot dogs and burgers, American food is hearty, tasty and relaxed. Good for a Sunday lunch or groups of friends, American food is easy to eat and suits many occasions. A really good recent trend is to make miniature burgers which go down well as canapés at launches and events! So come on American food delivery journey and find out just how friendly and flexible this cuisine is.

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Spread all across Makati, American restaurants and food are freely available, but there's far more to American food than burgers and fried chicken! See below for some good ideas and styles of cooking to try at a range of great places to order from:

  • ✓ At American modern restaurant Kettle there's lots of home style food like 'Clam chowder', which is creamy and delicious with sourdough bread.
  • ✓ At The Smokeyard they have slow cooked pulled pork, which is slow cooked for 12 hours to produce succulent pork served in several ways.
  • ✓ At Lazy Bastard try a 'Chilli dog' with soured cream, cheese and their own recipe of chilli. It's a great way to slay hunger, and they do a great burger menu too!

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Whatever your occasion, from lunch with your friends to a Friday film night with your partner, American food is a great, relaxed choice. However, when you order online with foodpanda, we pride ourselves on top notch delivery to most places in Makati. So you will always get your Burger and fries or fried chicken, fresh and hot, delivered right to your door in perfect condition.

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