Food and Grocery Delivery from Tacloban Leyte’s Best Restaurants and Shops

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Leyte's energetic capital is a hotbed of foodie innovation, and one of the best places to order food delivery in the Philippines. And foodpanda should know. Our directory features a huge range of local restaurants in Tacloban, and the options are impressive. Whether you fancy veggie sisig, fresh seafood stews, western-style burgers or wings, quick shawarma or super-sweet desserts, you're in the right place. Tacloban has it all.

Dishes to discover at restaurants that deliver in Tacloban

Although it has absorbed food traditions from all over the world, Tacloban has a gastronomy of its own, and there are some dishes that everyone should try. If you're looking for a food delivery near me, don't miss out on kinilaw - a fish and coconut stew which brings out the best in the region's delicious seafood. Tacloban's version of longganisa is a must-try as well, with a slightly sweeter taste than other renditions. And if you aren't done with sweet flavours, find room for a moron - a coconut, chocolate and rice cake, which comes wrapped in banana leaves.

Our picks for the best restaurants in Tacloban

Tacloban isn't short of great restaurants, but some stand out from the crowd - and all of the best places can be found at foodpanda. Start off with some pinoy treats at Dream Cafe, where the bangsilog breakfasts are as dreamy as the name suggests. If you're in the mood for maya maya or lapu lapu, Ocho Seafood and Grill is an essential eatery, and Firegrass Tavern delivers superb western cuisine that's made for sharing with friends - ideal for parties or work team dinners. Finally, leave space for some treats from Sweetheart Desserts, the perfect way to round off a Tacloban feast.

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foodpanda makes life simple for people in Tacloban who need a gourmet takeout. Our directory covers a huge variety of cuisines, from Japanese sushi to burgers and fries. Whether you want an ultra-healthy post-workout meal or a lunchtime pick-me-up, we'll connect you with eateries who deliver. The foodpanda app is easy to use and available for Android and iOS. And ordering takes seconds. You can browse restaurants, check deals, and schedule a food delivery in Tacloban for exactly the right moment. That way, you can get back home and know that a high-quality meal is about to arrive. So forget about cooking. Choose foodpanda and enjoy the best food Tacloban has to offer.