Food and Grocery Delivery from Pasay City’s Best Restaurants and Shops

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Food delivery in Pasay

Pasay is a cosmopolitan city, and its huge variety of restaurants reflect every culture. Whether you prefer Asian, American or Mediterranean, there is something for everybody. By using our foodpanda service to order a food delivery online, you have your pick of the world's cuisines, brought to your door. We only use the finest restaurants in Pasay, so you can be assured your mouthwatering dinner, delivered by our professional team, will meet all your expectations. Don't forget to order sides, a dessert and drinks for a complete meal to delight your friends or family.

Why Order Food in Pasay with foodpanda

Ordering your tasty lunch or dinner is so easy with foodpanda, especially if using our app, available for Smartphone and Android, to have a restaurants delivery at the touch of your fingertips. You can also use a laptop, desktop PC or tablet, by simply entering your details and choosing your meals from the delicious options. The menus are always up to date and you can have a delivery to your home or office. Payment is straightforward and secure via Paypal or credit card.

Best Restaurants in Pasay

With such a vast selection of restaurants in the city, let us guide you to some of the most popular. Fans of Japanese cuisine will be delighted with the choice available from Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar , including delicious chicken skewers, freshly prepared sushi rolls and rice bowls. Cafe Adratico has a range of American steaks, authentic Italian pasta dishes and you can finish with a delightful chocolate dessert if you have a sweet tooth. Hungry families or office colleagues will soon be satisfied with an overloaded pizza from Greenwich, with a selection of sides, ideal for sharing.

Popular cuisines in Pasay

Pasay has many popular cuisines, ranging from hot and spicy, to light and healthy, plus fast food and beverages. Chinese menus often feature a range of smaller dishes, perfect to start your meal before tucking into a bowl of steaming noodles or fried rice. Filipino restaurants use the freshest of ingredients to create tasty, fragrant meals with seafood and beef being popular choices, served with homemade sauces. If your family is craving American food, they can choose from juicy burgers, deep-fried chicken and crispy fries with toppings if required.