Food and Grocery Delivery from Naga Camarines Sur’s Best Restaurants and Shops

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Order from the best restaurants in Naga with foodpanda

Naga is famous for its history, but sightseeing is only one of its attractions. These days, Naga's cosmopolitan restaurants scene rivals business or the region's sublime waterfalls - and foodpanda makes it easy to explore all of the finest eateries. Local foodies can enjoy a cornucopia of dishes, American-style wings and burgers jostle with pinoy classics, Chinese restaurants, sushi bars, hand-made artisan pizzerias, dessert specialists, and tea houses. And it's all available to order in seconds via the foodpanda app.

What to try from restaurants that deliver in Naga

When you scroll through the options available in Naga, the choices for anyone wanting a food delivery near me can seem overwhelming. So why not focus on local specialities? Signature dishes in Naga and the local area include Bicol Express - a rich pork, seafood, garlic, onion, and coconut stew. For something less filling, you might go for a chicken laing, with a hefty helping of green superfoods. Stingray kukunot mixes local coconuts and seafood, while linubak cakes mix taro, sugar and banana in a decadent combination.

The best places to order food online in Naga

Naga's restaurants make it one of the finest places to order food delivery in the Philippines. There are hundreds of options around, and most are exceptional. But some really stand out and should be the first choice for serious foodies. Angry Wings is the place to head for spicy party food when meeting friends at home. Seeramity is the BBQ joint to head to when a meat feast is essential, while Elmeros Grill is the number one seafood place in town. And don't forget Mango Land or Aice Ice Cream - two outstanding dessert parlours that will satisfy anyone's craving for sweetness.

Why foodpanda is the best option for food delivery in Naga

Are you tired of waiting hours for food deliveries which turn out to be big disappointments? Or maybe you're sick of slaving away for hours to create culinary masterpieces, only to find yourself so exhausted that you can't really enjoy them. If so, foodpanda has your back. Our iOS and Android app make it simple to order food in Naga. Browse menus, schedule orders for times that suit you, and apply a galaxy of discounts when they are available. You can compare restaurants by ratings and reviews, and zero in on eateries that really hit the spot. So why cook? foodpanda is ready to take your order.